With spring and summer come plants. Whether wild, weed, or cultivated, they share growth, color, and aroma which are synonymous with sunshine and warm weather. Many of these beauties are not only nice to look at, but also tasty! Colorado is home to a host of wild edible greens and flowers which range from sweet to sour in flavor. One of the most recognizable on the list is the Cattail. Nearly every part of this plant can be safely eaten and enjoyed, some people even roast the tops and eat them like ears of corn! The Prickly Rose, a bright magenta colored flower, boasts vitamin C (3 hips are supposed to have as much as an orange!), and is used in teas and salads.

We also have a few whose names will sound more familiar, like wild onions, garlic, and mint. Don't be surprised when they look a little different from what you find in the grocery store though! For a list of common Colorado wild plants to include in your pantry, check out this link or stop in your local library for an edible plant guide. Foraging through the yard, or while out exploring, can be a lot of fun, but be sure you can identify the plant before you snack - not all of our flora are safe to eat. Happy hunting!