Warmer weather always leaves me craving fresh tomatoes, and, while the snow is sure to make another appearance or two, our days of 70 degrees lately have me reaching for those delicious fruits already. Or vegetable. The classification of tomatoes has been debated for a while now - and even warranted a Supreme Court ruling in 1887. Botanically it still counts as a fruit, but is generally accepted as a vegetable for everything else. Try these recipes and fun facts below!

Did you know?

Approximately 150,000 tomatoes are thrown each year in the world's largest tomato fight - La Tomatina

There are over 7500 varieties of tomato grown around the world

We absorb more of the nutrients in tomatoes when they're cooked than raw


Tomato and Avocado Omelet


Bruschetta Chicken Salad


Garlic and Tomato Pasta