As my mother is known to say, eggs are a great start to the "perfect breakfast." Eggs have had a confusing reputation, though, and were even found on the bad list in the not too distant past. They had all sorts of negative effects - high cholesterol and heart disease to name a few. Luckily, new research has shown eggs are, in fact, a healthy and desirable addition to polite society. The cholesterol found in eggs is now agreed to be the "good" cholesterol, and, large amounts of protein and essential nutrients combined with only about 70 calories per egg, have succeeded in repairing the egg's tarnished reputation. For more egg fun, check out these recipes and facts below!

Did you know

Eggs will float when they are no longer good to eat. Gently drop an egg in a water-filled dish if you're unsure of its freshness

Most eggs are laid between 7:00am and 11:00am

In 2010, a hen in England laid an egg weighing about 3/4 pound with 5 yolks!


Savory Scramble


No Mayo Egg Salad


Fried egg with beans and Spinach