In the spirit of St. Patrick's day, today's ingredient is the awesome avocado. While I admit to a slight bias (they always hold one of the top slots on my "cannot resist" food list), avocados are considered by many to be a superfood. More potassium than a banana, more protein than any other fruit, no cholesterol, and 75% of its fat is unsaturated - I'm sold! Check out our fun, and festive, avocado recipes and facts.

Did you know:

Avocados do not ripen until they're off the tree

The hass avocado (one of the most common in grocery stores) is named for the mailman in whose back yard it was discovered in the 1930's

Avocado trees will not fruit when planted alone. Unlike some trees, they need another to pollinate


Avocado Omelet


Avocado Salad Sandwich


Chicken with Avocado & Spinach Sauce