Cantaloupe is one of my favorite summer melons. Its lightly sweet and refreshing taste, not to mention bright and inviting orange flesh, are the perfect addition to any afternoon picnic. With loads of vitamins A and C, the cantaloupe can even help keep those pesky colds at bay in the off-season! Check out our fun facts and recipes below for more!

Did you know?

- Cantaloupe has been cultivated for thousands of years, there are even records of it from ancient Greece and Egypt

- An average-sized melon (about 5") has less than 200 calories, TOTAL!

- What we know as the cantaloupe is actually a variety of muskmelon. True cantaloupe does not have the pale "net"


Cantaloupe Scones and Yogurt


Cucumber, Melon, and Spinach Salad


Grilled Chicken with Cantaloupe Salsa