Meatballs are one of my favorite cold weather foods. They can be heavy or light, and come in almost any flavor profile you can imagine. While no one really knows who started the meatball craze, they've been around since at least the first century. Meatballs are generally a crowd-pleaser, an attribute which is not shared by the larger -though otherwise identical - meatloaf. So great is the appeal of the meatball that there are historically documented misuses of their power (I'm talking to you, Spanish Inquisition party planners)! Check out the fun facts and recipes below for more meatball awesomeness.

Did you know:

- Swedish and Italian varieties are among ethics's most common in the U.S., but cultures all around the world, including several in Africa and Asia, lay claim to having invented the meatball. 

- Turkey boasts more than 80 distinct meatballs

- The world record for Largest Meatball weighs in over 1,100 lb. and is held by a group in Columbus.

Breakfast: Apple and Maple Breakfast Meatballs

Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Meatball Salad

Dinner: Falafel