Carrots will always hold a special place in my diet, mostly because they're my longest lasting vegetable relationship. As a kid, I could always count on finding carrot sticks, and a little ranch dip if I was lucky, at the top of my lunch box each day. Their satisfying crunch and hint of sweetness made the perfect companion to a soft peanut butter and honey sandwich. Low cholesterol and saturated fat, not to mention the long list of nutrients from vitamin A to Thiamin, make carrots a healthy and well-received snack for all ages. For more carrot facts and recipes, check out below!

Did you know:

- The world's longest carrot was about 20 feet long.

- Carrots come in many colors, including purple and red, but the orange carrot is most often found in our grocery stores after being made popular by the dutch in the 16th century.

- The Weta bug, an exceptionally large cricket-like bug, is known to enjoy a crunchy carrot. 


Carrot Pancakes


Summer Carrot Salad


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