Mention chili peppers and most people will have a strong and immediate response, positive or negative. While I will admit to being pretty far left on the mild-to-hot scale, I absolutely love the way a little bit of heat will intensify the flavor of my favorite foods. There are hundreds of pepper varieties, some sweet and others hot, and they all provide great health benefits - some even claim chili peppers will improve your completion when used in face creams! For more pepper fun and tasty recipes, check out below!

Did you know:

-Chili peppers have been part of the human diet for thousands of years, as far back as 7500 BCE in some areas!

-Evidence suggests birds are immune to the "heat" in chili peppers and can peck away at even the ghost pepper pain-free!

-November is National Pepper Month

Breakfast: Aleppo Pepper Omelet

Lunch/brunch: Chorizo Poblano Peppers

Dinner: Pepper Hummus Pasta