Potatoes have gotten a bad rap in recent years as merely filler food, but with an average 4 grams of protein, 20% of your daily vitamin C, and 1.5 times the potassium of a banana, potatoes are much more than just alright. Whether you like them baked, mashed, or roasted, get ready pass the potatoes guilt-free as part of your next delicious and healthy meal. Try our tasty recipe ideas and fun facts below!

Did you know:

-You won't "lose all of the nutrients" if you peel a potato. The majority of nutrients are in the potato itself

-Americans eat an average 110 lbs. of potatoes each year (and that's still half what Europeans eat)!

-Potatoes turn green from light exposure, and may have a bitter taste if the green is not cut away


Country Potato Breakfast Bowls


Potato Cakes and Simple Salad


Shepherd's Pie