There are few things I remember from my 5th grade nutrition class, but among them is the knowledge that oranges = vitamin C. While an orange does have about as much vitamin C as the average person needs in a day to fight off dangerous afflictions like scurvy (it's not just for old-time sailors, read more), this isn't all it brings to the table. Significant amounts of  fiber, folate, and  vitamin B1 are also found in oranges. Find more fun facts and recipes for oranges below!

Did you know:

-One orange has as much fiber as 7 bowls of cornflakes

-The orange is not named for its color, rather from a sanskrit word "naranga," based on the Tamil word for fragrant (naru)

-Only about 20% of the oranges grown today are eaten as oranges. Juices, extracts, and preserves consume the other 80%


Orange Muffins


Orange and Avocado Salad


Steak and Cilantro/Orange Salsa