Jamie’s Dream School (2005) is a British four-part T.V. documentary aimed at improving the nutritional content and quality of food in British schools. The show kicked off a larger campaign in Britain called ‘Feed Me Better’ (http://www.feedmebetter.com/) which continues to work towards banning junk food in schools and bringing back fresh, tasty, and nutritional food.

The interaction between Jamie, the students and the head cook, Nora is very entertaining. Part of improving eating habits involves cooking and food education. Jamie teaches the students how to cook healthy food so they can see how easy it is and highlights the benefits of it compared to eating processed foods.

I would recommend watching this with your children and try use some of the cooking methods in the show. Note, YouTube and British media versions have allowed some language in the show which maybe unsuitable for younger audiences.

If you like Jamie, you can also watch his ‘Food Revolution’ based in the U.S. on ABC. It tackles obesity in America, school lunches, food education and food policy.

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