Join Morgan Spurlock on a 30 day journey to test his body's ability to survive on a fast food diet. Watch as he travels the country in search of school nutrition and fitness programs, all while eating nothing that cannot be found on a McDonald's menu. Supervised by 3 physicians and a dietician, Spurlock shows viewers both the science and daily life behind his weight-gain and declining health.

If you've ever considered cutting out, or cutting back on, fast food, this film will provide you with more than enough motivation to give it a try. I hope you find yourself reaching for a juicy, organic chicken breast (lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic is delicious!) and along with some brown rice and broccoli for good measure. For myself, healthy eating is the inspiration behind my life's work. At My Kid's Lunch we ask a simple question: would I want my kid to eat that? When it comes to fast food, the answer is an emphatic no!

Watch it here to see for yourself!