My Kid's Lunch's newest garden is officially up and running at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Westminster!  Holy Trinity Principle Tate Hallahan teamed up with Michael and our Arvada kitchen manager, Deb, to turn an empty grass field into a garden full of baby veggies that will one day end up in meals for My Kid's Lunch students.


The team started by removing the grass and tilling the soil to get it ready for planting.  Then they covered the freshly tilled soil with a ground cover to prevent the growth of weeds and to make maintenance of the garden quick and easy.  With the ground cover in place, the garden was ready for plants!  Baby plants from Michael's home nursery (check out our earlier post here)  were planted in the fresh soil, and a protective fence was put in place to keep out hungry little critters.



In just one day, the hard work from My Kid's Lunch and Holy Trinity turned an empty field into a garden that will produce fresh, organic vegetables and valuable and fun learning experience for the students of the school.


Does your school have a little extra space?  My Kid's Lunch welcomes gardens of all sizes!  You provide the space & the access to water, we'll take care of the rest!  Get students involved by having "field trips" to the garden or offering an Organic Garden Club where students can take part in caring for the plants.  Give students the opportunity learn about the ecosystem and nutrition right on their own back yard!  Email Michael for more information ( or download our Organic Garden Club Agreement at the bottom of the page.