Polenta's origin is a subject of debate in many circles, but most can agree that many cultures have long prepared some version of its deliciousness. It's commonly known corn-based form has decidedly Native American roots, but many accept polenta as a historic staple in the Italian diet - ancient Romans even consumed the porridge made from a variety of local grains available at the time. Wherever its inception, polenta is a tasty, filling, and versatile dish served the world over.  Check out these fun facts and recipes below for more!

Did you know:

-One cup dry polenta (about 3 cups cooked) has only 145 calories. This is great to pair with high calorie components for a decadent meal that won't have you adding to your workout

-Cornmeal will keep in your freezer for two to three years

-Polenta can be savory, sweet, boiled, made in a loaf, fried, baked, and so many other ways


Polenta with eggs and tomato


Grilled Polenta and tomato


Salmon with Polenta