What is Gnocchi, exactly? Gnocchi are small Italian dumplings, usually made of potato, and served as a traditional starch or pasta. They've been around for hundreds of years (even before there were potatoes in Europe) and have been made out of everything from bread crumbs or semolina, to mashed vegetables. What can you make with gnocchi, one might ask? Pretty much anything, because they're just that awesome. They go well with pasta sauces, in soups/stews, or they can be prepared just as you would regular diced potatoes. Check out these recipes and fun facts below for more gnocchi news!

Did you know:

-The ridges in gnocchi (how they get so much yummy sauce to stick to them) were traditionally made by rubbing the dough against a cheese grater.

-One to one, potatoes have more potassium than bananas.

-Potatoes were originally domesticated in Peru and Bolivia, they didn't make it to Europe until Spanish explorers came across it in the 1500's.


Gnocchi Bowl


Roast chicken with pesto and gnocchi


Hearty Chicken and vegetable soup with gnocchi (add some ground red pepper or minced serrano for a little heat!)


Baked apples and gnocchi

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